Capitan "The Rising Dragon" Ring

Capitan "The Rising Dragon" Ring
Capitan "The Rising Dragon" Ring
Capitan "The Rising Dragon" Ring
Capitan "The Rising Dragon" Ring
By: Galatea Luxury Collection


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These rings were created to salute the captain in every man, celebrating the most important elements in a man's life: Loyalty, Beauty, Wisdom, Honor, Family, Hope, Strength and Love. With each ring, a legend is told and unfolds, containing small elements and talismans that are forged, like the ancient swords that inspire them, into deeply oxidized Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Name: "The rising Dragon"
  • A fox
  • A lion
  • A dragon

A fox symbolizes intelligence and cleverness.  In our youth, we believe we will out-fox the Universe. We wander, we search, we seek, we dream of the impossible--even going as far as to think we can conquer the world but this is not enough. This is when the lion in us is born. The lion symbolizes strength, courage, ambition and ego and will kill anything standing in its way to preserve its own being. 

The fox and the lion have wandered restlessly, roaming the world, conquering the land and sitting on the mountain top. The fox is tired and so is the lion. They say to each other that this abundant wilderness is more than they need. “We only need to eat three times a day and we will die like everyone else,” they tell one another. Then they smile contently. 

This is when the fox sleeps, the lion rests and the dragon rises. 

-Chi Galatea Huynh


Oxidized Sterling silver ring with 14k yellow gold accents.

Diamond : 0.05cttw, Color: GH; quality: SI

Dimensions: 30mm x 21mm